Excellent Ideas to Celebrate First Christmas Milestones

Christmas holidays are essentially the most exciting and magical of all holidays. This is mainly because we get to link up and make more memories with friends and family we saw last on the previous Christmas season. However, they are even more magical if we are celebrating a new or an essential milestone. For instance, your first Christmas as a couple, your first child's birthday, or any other first milestone that you've achieved that year. Since such achievements are extra special, they also call for extra unique gifts that will remind you of what a valuable time that was in years to come. That is why we outlined some unique ways to turn these first, once-in-a-lifetime milestones into tangible keepsakes you can look back at every Christmas season.

Your First Christmas as a Married Couple

Although love is a beautiful thing, not many people get to see it thrive and lead to marriage. So if you and your spouse finally tied the knot, congratulations because this is a milestone very few get to achieve. That said, it's essential you turn your first Christmas together into one of the most memorable moments of your relationship.

One way to do so is by booking a surprise couple getaway in your spouse's dream destination. Make it even more special by ensuring you carry a gift for her/him. But don't just pick any random gift because, as mentioned, this is an important milestone. Take time to have it personalized. For instance, you could get a set of throw pillows with your names on it or with the phrase "first Christmas as a married couple." This will instantly turn the throw pillows into treasured keepsakes.

Your Baby’s First Christmas

Your baby will never have any other Christmas. Once it's gone, that's it! So don't let it slip away like that. Create a keepsake you and your child will look at one day and talk about the Christmas holidays. For instance, place your baby by the Christmas tree or decorations, capture a beautiful picture, have it printed, and put it in a set of baby cards showing your child's first-year milestones. When they are finally old enough to understand, they'll have a set of precious memories to look back to and smile. 

Christmas in Your First Home

Buying a home is a big deal, and if you've finally bought your first one, then you have every right to celebrate this milestone. To share the joy of being in your own home, consider hosting your family's Christmas dinner. Also, get something tangible that will remind you of this moment. For instance, a fancy chandelier is an excellent first home keepsake as it'll be reminding you of your milestone every time you flick the switch. You could also get a huge art piece and place it by the fireplace mantel, so you'll remember how hard you worked to enjoy the comfort of owning a home. 

Your First Christmas without a Loved One

Life is a journey full of unknowns. So while celebrating happy moments, don’t forget to cherish those who left you. If this is the first Christmas you are celebrating without a loved one, make sure you remember them by creating a heartfelt keepsake to keep their memory alive. For instance, customize a sand frame, put their pictures in it and display it on the mantel. Note, a loved one could be even your beloved pet.