Let's face it — although it is essentially a lover's day, Valentine's Day is often more geared towards women than men. This, coupled with the fact that men are usually incredibly specific with what they want, makes shopping the perfect Valentine gift for him a tad difficult. However, this Valentine can be different — here’s how to pick the perfect valentine gift for your man.

  1. Know What He Likes First 

The secret to getting the perfect Valentine's gift for him is knowing what he likes first. That said, take a pen and paper, create a list outlining things he wants. Then go through the list and remove anything he already owns.  

After that, now analyze the remaining gifts and choose the one you think he’d appreciate the most. For instance, if he loves drinking beer with the boys while indoors, a personalized beer mug would be a great idea. You could also choose to make the gift about the both of you by getting a couple gift. For instance a cute, love forever throw pillow would also be nice. 

  1. Listen Closely for Hints 

Men are often not so open with the gifts they’d like as they’re used to being the givers. Therefore, getting him to say want he wants to your face is tough. However, they can unknowingly give you hints of what they would want you to get them. Therefore, in the next few weeks leading to Valentine, pay more attention to your conversations. You could also casually ask questions to get more details of the kind of gift your man desires. 

  1. Keep it Classic

If your boyfriend is the kind of person who has everything and is exceptionally selective, then a great way to appreciate him this Valentine is to keep it classic. You could do this by getting in the kitchen and cooking up a storm for him. This is a particularly great idea and will be much appreciated if you hate cooking as it shows you are willing to go out of your way for him.

But even if you decide to keep it classic, get him at least a classic, tangible gift. For instance, get a fancy greeting card and pen him a nice poem or love letter. This way, he'll have something to look at and smile whenever you are not around. He may have everything, but he doesn't have a love letter from you! 

  1. Get Him Tickets to His Favorite Game or Movie

When it comes to gifts, it is the thought that counts the most. Therefore, if you think your boyfriend/husband has everything, then get him an experience. If he is into sports and always stays up late whenever there is a match, then you can never go wrong with getting him tickets to his team’s game. You could make it even more special by getting tickets for his boys too. If he is not a sports person but loves movies, then get him a ticket to watch his favorite movie. This is primarily a great idea if the movie is launching. If none of that suits him, then get him a gift card so he can get whatever he finds suitable. 

  1. Present it in a Romantic Way

Whether you choose to cook him his favorite meal, get him tickets to his favorite game, or a watch box for his favorite watch, keep in mind this is Valentine.  Therefore, the gift should not only be something he will like but should also have a romantic ring to it. For instance, if you decide to cook, make it a candlelit dinner. In other words, whatever you do, make sure it’s romantic.

Getting a valentine gift for him can often be a daunting task if you want to be sweet and, at the same time, practical. The tips, ideas, and a gift from Say it with a gift  are a great place to start.